Here’s my rough, rough draft…

Check out my ROUGH DRAFT to my Applied Project at this link: 

My biggest struggle with this video hasn’t been the research and interview themselves, but rather working with Movie Maker and video making software. For now, I have been working slowly but surely, so some of the sections are finished while other still need work. For example, you’ll see there are many slides that are just titles. Except for the different disciplines, I am hopeful to not have any slides. I will just be speaking and/or having pictures or videos for transitions. Luckily, I have a meeting tomorrow morning with Katie from IT to hopefully learn some styles that will make the editing process fly by! The research and interview aspect is almost completely finished, except I will be adding a few “interview clips” of my own opinions, and I have to re-record an interview with Steph Nigrelli, Psychology major, and add them to a few sections. Overall, this draft gives you a good idea of where I’m going… but trust me, I’m not there yet!


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