Empowering Youth Through Movement Workshop- Spring 2017

3.jpgThis weekend was the Empowering Youth Through Movement workshop, presented by Social Work professor David Lynch. This was the second semester that the class has put on a workshop for youth throughout our communities.

Empowering Youth Through Movement is a course that David and I, along with another Interdisciplinary Studies alumni Marina Phillips, created that emphasizes the connection between movement and empowerment. Through movement activities, social work/psychology lessons, and class discussions, we prepare our class members to understand how and why it can be useful to use movement with youth.

5.jpgAgain this year, the movement workshop achieved great success. The PSU Student facilitators led youth in activities that emphasized creative expression, trust, social skills, team work, emotional safety, and more. During the final session of the day, I led a workshop encouraging the group to work collaboratively and create a movement piece that represented their day at the workshop. This piece was shared with parents and guardians at the end of the day.
By the time it was ready to pack up and get going, all of the youth members were discussing how much fun they had, and how they cannot wait to come again next semester! It’s such a pleasure for me to see the success of this course. I’m proud to have passed the knowledge onto PSU Students, who will now continue to pass it on to youth all throughout their lives!

1.jpg          4.jpg



2 thoughts on “Empowering Youth Through Movement Workshop- Spring 2017

  1. Love to hear about Mariah’s work with this, too– I so enjoyed her beautiful capstone project last year. Sounds like an amazing course, and I really like the sharing with broader contexts–parents, friends. I wish we could have more integration of schoolwork with the outside lives of students…

    Thank you for sharing this, with the wonderful pictures, too!


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