Special Viewing!

“To engage in interdisciplinary perspective taking requires you to develop four specific cognitive capacities:

  • Viewing yourself- i.e. recognizing the influence of culture, politics, religion, and socioeconomic background your view of a situation, event, issue, or phenomenon
  • Viewing others– i.e. identifying and examining the perspectives of other people, groups, or organizations, and identifying influences on those perspectives
  • Viewing cultures– i.e. explaining how different access to knowledge, technology, and resources affect cultures.
  • Viewing disciplines- i.e. explaining how communities of expertise understand a situation, event, issue, or phenomenon.”

Excerpt taken from Page 95 of Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies by Allen F. Repko.

Personally, I feel as though two perspectives that I have a better grasp on are viewing others and viewing cultures. Because I have studied a lot of different cultures, their tradition, beliefs, histories, etc, I have gained some skills in making connections between the perspectives of others, and the affects that has on the world around them. With regards to technology, knowledge, or resources, oftentimes the effect is evident. The more opportunities to these things, the better the environments, within reason. But when it comes to differing perspectives, it is often more difficult to see all angles. But, by identifying that it is not always black and white, you can make connections between different perspectives, and the world around us.


Photo: Public Domain
The one perspective that I truly believe I need improvement on is viewing yourself. Although I have had experience making connections in the world around me, it is oftentimes difficult to make connections between my actions and the world. This is because we all have personal bias and perspectives of our own. In order to really view yourself, you must leave your personal views, and see yourself as you truly are in the world. Then, you must study the real effect you have on the world around. Being able to think about yourself in that way can be incredibly difficult, so it is definitely a skill I wish to improve upon.


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