My Interdisciplinary Studies

Question 1- Page 45- A+E 2

Taylor Fournier on a service trip to Nicaragua working with the women and children of the organization Women In Action.

How does someone receive a degree in “Making a Difference?”When people ask me what my major is, the answer I give them is something along the lines of “I am in the Interdisciplinary Studies Department,” and when they ask me what that means, I say “well, I am focusing on studying the Social Benefits of Music, Theatre, Dance in regards in Social Work and working with the underprivileged as a whole.” And although it is a mouthful already, it is only the bare minimum in truly defining my interdisciplinary studies.

Now, when people ask me what I want to do with my life, my answer will always be, “make a difference.” I always joke with friends that if I could major in “Saving the World,” I would. And here is the starting place of my Interdisciplinary Studies degree. Because there is no major in “Saving the World,” if all you want to do with your life is make a difference, where is there to turn? Where do you sign up for all the courses and programs that will give you the education to do so? You can’t. And that is because one cannot simply major in everything there is to know about “making a difference.” The possibilities are simply endless. And that’s what’s so beautiful about my Interdisciplinary Studies. I know that I want to help make a difference the world. For me, interdisciplinary studies means that I get to focus all of my studies on educating myself how to bring me closer to that goal- that idea. Instead of walking out in four years with a piece of paper and a few specific jobs I will be able to do, I will walk out of my four years having learned exactly what I wanted to learn to get me towards my overall educational goal of a lifetime.

How does someone receive a degree in “Making a Difference?”

They can’t.

How does someone get closer to their life goal of making a difference?

Interdisciplinary Studies


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